IDMS Tools, Services, and Software Vendors

It’s rather shocking that you can go to these websites, and search for IDMS and find nothing.
Back in the day, these were the major software vendors – but the companies have had to move on to stay alive and succeed.

IDMS was originally sold by a Cullinane, which renamed to Cullinet. They were bought out by CA (Computer Associated), which in turn was acquired by Broadcom (see links below). I heard that Cullinane/Cullinet was the first software company to be on the New York Stock Exchange, but I have found internet blogs to the contrary.

The CA-IDMS Environment (document) is now the vendor that sells and support IDMS.
They have a document called IDMS Product Brief

Back in 1992-95 I used to work for Allen Systems Group. They are now gone, but had great products like DMLO (allows you to update your database using forms), and DBTrace (allows you to track what happened based on your IDMS journal files).
It seems like their products are sold and maintained by Broadcom

There was a company called TACT, and their old products (EZDB) now seem to be available here: Cogito. These tools aid in restructuring and reorganizing large databases and reducing downtime.

I’m researching what happened to Bill Adams and Arch Consulting. His website is no longer working, so maybe he retired? Bill provides(ed) remote database admin support and occasional training classes. They also sell a tool that draws schema (Bachman) diagrams directly from the dictionary.

Wikipedia Page for IDMS

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