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What is the IDMS-L List Server?

What is IDMS-L?  Is is a list server sponsored by the IDMS Users
Association ( that covers topics about IDMS.  It tends
to be DBA and System Programmer topics, by any questions are welcome.  

As of 07/28/2007 – the IUA (Idms User Association) has changed websites, and the IDMS-L list group may be under changes. See this page: IDMS-L Farewell.

Please check with the IUA website, the new site is: (as of July 2006 looks like it a new site, not completed yet).

Archives were formerly available at:  

(As of July 2006, this site is apparently gone).

HOW does one SUBSCRIBE to IDMS-L? (July 2006: I’m not sure if this is still working??)

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HOW does one SEND a MESSAGE to IDMS-L?

A subscriber’s message is distributed to IDMS-L’s subscribers by sending mail
to IDMS-L@LISTSERV.IUASSN.COM. This is called "sending
to the list," because you send mail to a single address and LISTSERV
copies for all the people who have subscribed.

The list’s distributions options are set to reject traffic from non-subscribers.
This may result in some "false" rejections of traffic from a
subscriber whose network address has changed. Instances of this nature will be
handled on a case by case basis. This configuration option, as well as the daily
traffic limit of 15 messages, was implemented to assist in the prevention of
various types of mailer loops.

When IDMS-L is used in the address, the text of your message will be
to ALL IDMS-L subscribers. The message is then in the "public domain"
and the potential for redistribution/retransmission is almost limitless.
Exercise caution and be certain that you are sending your message to the
appropriate address.


You may leave the list at any time by sending a "SIGNOFF IDMS-L"



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